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  • swimming pool nozzle

    How to choose a swimming pool pump

    The filtration pump is the central element of your swimming pool's hydraulic network: by making water circulate within this network, it enables it to be filtered, while also treating it and keeping it healthy for bathers. Read
  • covered swimming pool in the spring

    How to restart your swimming pool after winter

    It is possible to de-winter your swimming pool yourself with a bit of knowledge and elbow grease. Follow these steps! Read
  • family having fun in the pool

    How to install a heat pump

    Installing a heat pump yourself is a possible solution: as long as you have the right tools handy... and above all, the right knowledge! Read
  • deux enfants se baignent dans une piscine

    How to choose a heat pump

    Efficient and cost-effective, a heat pump is perfect for extending your summer while minimising your energy costs. So, all you need to do is choose the right one! Read
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  • A pool’s heat pump: essential comfort and responsible equipment

    fille accoudée à une piscine sur un paysage enneigé
    Advices and ideas
    The operating mode and the technology used make the heat pump a particularly effective and sustainable product! Read
  • 4 tips for choosing a good pool technician

    pentair pisciniste vertueux
    Advices and ideas
    A true pool professional is someone interested in your needs and who's anticipating what will need doing to keep your swimming pool in its optimum condition. Read
  • A connected swimming pool - easy maintenance thanks to pool automation!

    woman on phone by the pool
    Advices and ideas
    Connected automation is undoubtedly the future of swimming pools, for more practical, economical and virtuous swimming. Read
  • LED pool lighting: 5 things to know to help you make the right choice

    piscine éclairée de nuit
    Advices and ideas
    LED spotlights now make the lighting much prettier, with more reliable equipment and much lower energy consumption! Read
  • How do you choose a pool cleaner?

    robot nettoyeur piscine prowler 930
    Advices and ideas
    There are many different types of pool cleaners. Be sure to make the right choice, adapted to your pool, for a cleaner and healthier swimming! Read
  • How to treat your pool water well

    woman in swimming pool
    Advices and ideas
    Treating your pool water properly is crucial to the health of your bathers and easier than you might think! Read
  • Reducing pool facility noise

    reducing pool facility noises
    Advices and ideas
    “Swimming pool” means relaxing in an environment that is generally desired to be peaceful. However, its water must be filtered and this filtration system inevitably generates noise; noise pollution for you and for your neighbours. Fortunately this can be reduced thanks to several solutions, especially if the pool is well designed from the outset. Read
  • Regulations on disinfectant products: help or hindrance for swimming pools?

    banniere biocides
    Advices and ideas
    The Biocidal Products Regulation is a European regulation, the main objective of which is to improve the free movement of biocidal products while guaranteeing a high level of protection for human, animal and environmental health. Read
  • Pressure drops in a swimming pool’s hydraulic system

    Advices and ideas
    Pressure drop is a phenomenon experienced when water progresses through a circuit. It is essential to factor it in when designing a pool’s hydraulic network, to ensure proper water filtration and efficient operation of the pool. Read

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