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Ultraflow VS2

The "universal" pump for all types of residential pools

  • Up to 80% energy savings

  • Very silent

  • Easy maintenance

  • PIP förderungswürdig

    PIP Product

    Elegible product for points on the Partners Incentive Program for professionals.

First-in-class hydraulic, modern design for the highest efficiency at variable speed with very low energy consumption

Features & Benefits

  • Oversized 3HP asynchronous motor derated to 1.5 HP to deliver high efficiency even at high speed

  • 3 programmable speed/time + override

  • Intuitive and simple LCD display

  • Real time clock with 24hrs retention

  • 4 digital inputs for external control (optional communication cable)

  • Quiet : when it works at low speed you even don't notice it is working

  • Eco-savings : thanks to variable speed you save energy and money

  • Compatible with automation : combine it with Maestro® automation system and you will check and controll all you pool equipments from the other part of your garden or even from anywhere else far from your home

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